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The Ethiopian legislative branch

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Ethiopia is governed under the constitution of 1994, which gives for a president as chief of state and a prime minister as head of government.

The prime minister is designated by the party in power following legislative elections.
The Federal Parliamentary Assembly has two chambers:

• the Council of People’s Representatives with 547 members, elected for five-year terms in single-seat constituencies; and

• the Council of the Federation with 110 members, one for each nationality, and one additional representative for each one million of its population, chosen by the regional councils, which may elect them themselves or through popular elections

Various opposition parties are represented in the Parliament where representatives from Oromia state hold the most number and representatives from the Amhara State hold the second most position, in correlation with the population order of the corresponding states.

Various opposition parties hold many positions in the Ethiopian parliament including:

• United Ethiopian Democratic Forces
• United Ethiopian Democratic Party-Medhin Party
• Somali People’s Democratic Party
• Gambela People’s Democratic Movement
• All Ethiopian Unity Party
• Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement
• Benishangul-Gumuz People’s Democratic Unity


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    “…Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it is obtained or until liberty is lost in the pursuit…”
    Alexander Hamilton



    I am a member of an exiled family who have been persecuted and living in different parts of the world since the Derg’s Regime ruthless executions at the time of the ‘RED TERROR’ in Ethiopia.

    The majority of my family members and their children, who undeservingly scattered in the USA, CANADA, and EUROPE, are educated and skilled who are eager and enthusiastic about coming back to their motherland and live a peaceful and meaningful life in the view of helping ourselves and our country.

    As for me, after many years of absence as a refugee in Djibouti, Cairo, and the USA, I suddenly decided to return back to my country and live a decent and quiet life when the Derg Regime collapsed.

    Since, Education, Financial opportunities, or a better living standard were not the motives of the ‘mass-departure’ of the youth of the time, I came back home against the advise of family members and friends just only 16 months after EPRDF took power.
    I am one of the very few, or maybe the only unfortunate Diaspora who came back home almost empty handed without any interest or prospect of gaining any political or monetary reward from anyone except to live an uncomplicated and meaningful life in my country.
    Within these sixteen years of my stay in my country I have been blessed to have a nine year old daughter called FITUR and a three year old boy KIRUBEL which I support in running different ineffective small business endeavors. At the same time I have been tormented by the disappointment and frustration of the injustice and prejudice rendered upon me and my children.
    You’re Excellency, out of feelings of despair and frustration I suddenly felt optimistic and was determined to write this letter personally to you trusting my sixth sense.
    My story of ‘PLEA for JUSTICE’ and state of affairs goes like this:-
    During the previous military government’s proclamations concerning privately owned urban houses; I ended up with a house of my choice and was forced to abandon the rest to the military government. Because of the ‘Red Terror’ and the political volatility in Ethiopia at that moment in time my friends and I were forced to leave the country clandestinely through the border of Djibouti. When my disappearance was discovered by the Woreda office where I reside, the Urban Houses Administration illegally took my house under its jurisdiction.
    After long years of absence I voluntarily came back to Ethiopia in 1993 (sixteen years ago-1985 Eth.), since then I have been trying to bring things back to their previous legal situation.
    Encouraged by the new governments decree on returning properties illegally repossessed, I endorsed a petition in 1985 Ec. supported with all legal documents relevant to my house. After years of heartbreaking and expensive appeal I finally was officially granted repossession permit both from the Government offices of ‘The Privatization and Urban Houses Agencies’.
    But due to an unknown and mysterious reason the office of the Urban Houses Agency still illegally possess my property and is stubbornly unwilling to fulfill its duty as a government entity. I have sufficient proof from reliable sources showing why the Agency is reluctant to return my house based on behalf of another person’s interest connected to very powerful people in the land.
    “To none will we sell, to none deny or delay, RIGHT or JUSTICE”. I have heard this somewhere a long time ago and cherish it all my life until now. But the injustice and prejudice which my small children and I encounter regarding this case is unbearable to the point of wondering if my children and I were really rightful citizens of this Nation. At one of my several hundred visits to these offices I was even told my case is denied from the Prime Minister’s office. Of course I was furious, perplexed and even laughed and asked “how could the Prime Minister of Ethiopia be interested in a simple person’s legal property like mine?” suspecting a fowl play behind it.

    In fact if it were therefore for any other reasons of my background, then for a starter I want all to know that I have never been a member, nor participated in any kind of political movements or activities from the time of Haile Selassie until this day. The only political rally I have ever physically and emotionally participated is in the USA (I believe it was in the late 80’s) to defiantly stop the KKK (KU KLUX KLAN) from marching on the streets of Washington DC where I reside.

    Even-though I am fashionably conscious and up-to-date regarding the world’s political social and economical matters I have never reached out or been interested in any of the political upheavals or movements involving the youth of my generation.

    “The absurdity of citizenship is revealed when love of a country is expressed without a sense of belonging.”

    As of now I am a ‘Down and Out’ unemployed ‘CHISTA-DIASPORA’ as friends call me, feeling exactly like a ‘Palestinian from Gaza’ thrown out of his house with his two little children without a clear view of what the future might bring.

    I therefore, humbly plead with you to look into these matter and help to render JUSTICE to a disgruntled Citizen and his small children by giving back our rightful property and assist in any possible way you can.
    With that and by wishing the best for you and your family for the New Year, I resign.
    Fitur Daniel

  • Taylor Teton

    Who are you ? Are you the leader of Ethiopia? What are the duties of the legislative branch? What are the duties of the judicial branch? When was Ethiopia’s independence?
    Is the legislative branch unicameral or bicameral? Is the leader of Ethiopia the chief of government or chief of state?

  • Ari

    Oh, I never thought about reesiutqng some of the required paperwork, but that makes so much sense! Some of these ideas are things I’m already doing and I’ve already found it helpful, in very practical ways. There’s only one organization that can do my homestudy and the first time I talked to the woman there, she was quite negative. She kept trying to steer me towards adopting from some country where the children would be less racially different. (I really hope to move soon!) Anyway, when I checked back in with her I had a question about something I mentioned, off-handedly and sort of laughing at myself, that I had bought It’s All Good Hair. Her attitude changed completely. All of a sudden she was telling me about an Ethiopian family just a few hours away who have adopted and are raising their child in a very traditional Ethiopia way and how she would help us connect as I progressed. It was as if she suddenly realized that I was serious about it, not just thinking, oh! cute little black baby! It was an unexpected bonus to the book-collecting and reading I’ve been doing, I guess.

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