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Since the first democratic elections in Ethiopia, there has been a lot of attention on Ethiopia government.

We try to cover Ethiopians governments in a historic perspective.


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  • anonymous

    Dear Ethiopian Government,

    I am extremly angered by your inprisonment of Teddy Afro. From what I’ve read, I understand that he has done nothing to harm your government or any of your people. I myself am an Ethiopian and could never of imagined such a law binding citizen to have such false circumstances held against him. I for one I have always belived that Ethiopia is and will always be a country of respect, honor, and justice, but seeing an innocent man go to jail for whatever mandacious reason is very shameful to our country.

    I’m not a president, congressman, senator, nor any other kind of person with great power. Instead I am only a thirteen year old girl, in Dayton, Ohio.

    With each coming day I hope and pray that Teddy Affro will become free in the near future and that no other deceitful issues will occur, with him or with anyonelse.

    If I’am wrong and I have offeneded you or the Ethiopias Government my sincerest apologies.



    E-mail –

    “…Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it is obtained or until liberty is lost in the pursuit…”
    Alexander Hamilton



    I am a member of an exiled family who have been persecuted and living in different parts of the world since the Derg’s Regime ruthless executions at the time of the ‘RED TERROR’ in Ethiopia.

    The majority of my family members and their children, who undeservingly scattered in the USA, CANADA, and EUROPE, are educated and skilled who are eager and enthusiastic about coming back to their motherland and live a peaceful and meaningful life in the view of helping ourselves and our country.

    As for me, after many years of absence as a refugee in Djibouti, Cairo, and the USA, I suddenly decided to return back to my country and live a decent and quiet life when the Derg Regime collapsed.

    Since, Education, Financial opportunities, or a better living standard were not the motives of the ‘mass-departure’ of the youth of the time, I came back home against the advise of family members and friends just only 16 months after EPRDF took power.
    I am one of the very few, or maybe the only unfortunate Diaspora who came back home almost empty handed without any interest or prospect of gaining any political or monetary reward from anyone except to live an uncomplicated and meaningful life in my country.
    Within these sixteen years of my stay in my country I have been blessed to have a nine year old daughter called FITUR and a three year old boy KIRUBEL which I support in running different ineffective small business endeavors. At the same time I have been tormented by the disappointment and frustration of the injustice and prejudice rendered upon me and my children.
    You’re Excellency, out of feelings of despair and frustration I suddenly felt optimistic and was determined to write this letter personally to you trusting my sixth sense.
    My story of ‘PLEA for JUSTICE’ and state of affairs goes like this:-
    During the previous military government’s proclamations concerning privately owned urban houses; I ended up with a house of my choice and was forced to abandon the rest to the military government. Because of the ‘Red Terror’ and the political volatility in Ethiopia at that moment in time my friends and I were forced to leave the country clandestinely through the border of Djibouti. When my disappearance was discovered by the Woreda office where I reside, the Urban Houses Administration illegally took my house under its jurisdiction.
    After long years of absence I voluntarily came back to Ethiopia in 1993 (sixteen years ago-1985 Eth.), since then I have been trying to bring things back to their previous legal situation.
    Encouraged by the new governments decree on returning properties illegally repossessed, I endorsed a petition in 1985 Ec. supported with all legal documents relevant to my house. After years of heartbreaking and expensive appeal I finally was officially granted repossession permit both from the Government offices of ‘The Privatization and Urban Houses Agencies’.
    But due to an unknown and mysterious reason the office of the Urban Houses Agency still illegally possess my property and is stubbornly unwilling to fulfill its duty as a government entity. I have sufficient proof from reliable sources showing why the Agency is reluctant to return my house based on behalf of another person’s interest connected to very powerful people in the land.
    “To none will we sell, to none deny or delay, RIGHT or JUSTICE”. I have heard this somewhere a long time ago and cherish it all my life until now. But the injustice and prejudice which my small children and I encounter regarding this case is unbearable to the point of wondering if my children and I were really rightful citizens of this Nation. At one of my several hundred visits to these offices I was even told my case is denied from the Prime Minister’s office. Of course I was furious, perplexed and even laughed and asked “how could the Prime Minister of Ethiopia be interested in a simple person’s legal property like mine?” suspecting a fowl play behind it.

    In fact if it were therefore for any other reasons of my background, then for a starter I want all to know that I have never been a member, nor participated in any kind of political movements or activities from the time of Haile Selassie until this day. The only political rally I have ever physically and emotionally participated is in the USA (I believe it was in the late 80’s) to defiantly stop the KKK (KU KLUX KLAN) from marching on the streets of Washington DC where I reside.

    Even-though I am fashionably conscious and up-to-date regarding the world’s political social and economical matters I have never reached out or been interested in any of the political upheavals or movements involving the youth of my generation.

    “The absurdity of citizenship is revealed when love of a country is expressed without a sense of belonging.”

    As of now I am a ‘Down and Out’ unemployed ‘CHISTA-DIASPORA’ as friends call me, feeling exactly like a ‘Palestinian from Gaza’ thrown out of his house with his two little children without a clear view of what the future might bring.

    I therefore, humbly plead with you to look into these matter and help to render JUSTICE to a disgruntled Citizen and his small children by giving back our rightful property and assist in any possible way you can.
    With that and by wishing the best for you and your family for the New Year, I resign.
    Fitur Daniel

  • mike nurse

    looking for email contact for minister of energy and agriculture,can the reader of this email provide. with kind regards mike nurse.

  • mike nurse

    loking for email contact for minister of agriculture and energy , can reader of this email provide. with kind regards mike nurse.

  • Robert Michel

    Can you please supply me with the e-mail addresses of both, His Exccellency, The President as well as the Honourable Prime Minister?

    Robert Michel
    Head: Consumers International Africa Office
    C/O Actionaid International Office
    11 Craddock Avenue,
    Rosebank 2196
    South Africa
    Tel: +27 11 7314500
    Mobile: +27 82 858 4931

  • marta aj

    please mike help me this information i realy appricate your support and also i will say thanks again.

  • Francois van Heerden

    I refer to a report released on the website of International Christian Concern, about Woldegeorgis, a christian and a member of the full gospel church, that was arrested in early July after Muslims severely beat him for his alleged crime for which no evidence was presented in court. . I also refer to and support the comment on the report :”ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho, said, “The decision by the Ethiopian court to imprison Woldegeorgis for three years without any evidence of wrong doing is both outrageous and illegal. We urge Ethiopian officials to show their commitment to the rule of law by releasing Woldegeorgis and bringing the individuals who assaulted him to justice.” Thank you for responding to the request as published.

  • Brunet Lux

    My son Arafani Bob Wynn of Santa Clara, Ca was killed on Jan. 10, 2011 while visiting his grandmother in Ethiopia and had only been in country for 9 days. He was targeted by the Ethiopian police for being an American citizen, Anti-American remarks were said prior to the shooting. Please give me a call as soon as possible we need your help we have reach out to Sen. Barbara Boxer, Congressman Honda, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton Citizens Overseas and our State Department but everyone is passing the buck. The Ethiopian Consulate has contacted us and sent a very generic letter expressing remorse for our family. It was also mention by the Ethiopian President via radio that a full investigation would take place we are not sure if this is a cover up of what happened to my son. Patty Fisher of the San Jose Mercury News (408-920-5852) has been working diligently to help us get answers. We are devastated and can not carry on. Please help.


    Brunet Lux

  • j su

    My Heart Is Heavy

    Africa is such a great Continent. And all the Nations are so great. Why should any of us feel belittled by the Great Big West?

    I find it in my heart, very hard to believe that we must succumb to Democracy. It is a sorcerer’s magic. It opens up the heart.

    When we seek administration, it is with a logical heart. And that heart says that life is ordinary. And must be followed in it’s ways. The Democrat would wish us to take this apart. And serve the West.

    for Ethiopia

  • yonas

    I am proud of my government, I am proud of this generation and I am proud to be an Ethiopian. If this was done earlier, there would have been too much exageration, If this was done by Mengistu or Haileselasie, their would have been a lot of talk, now this country, this people and this government are doing a big deal for this country previously, we used to have a lot of genius people who think they have solution for everything but they were not simply around they are refuse at their respective countries so Meles and his crew did it.

  • n.venkata rao

    dear sir
    loking for email contact for minister of agriculture and energy , can reader of this email provide. with kind regards venkata rao .n

  • James Mwale

    Go to hell Ethiopia. Jailing a Zambian women for wearing an ivory bracelet? Zambians and many other Africans wear ivory bungles as a sign of cultural identity. Leave our sisters alone. they were not even staying in your hunger ridden country. they were enroute back home to mother Zambia where thier beauty would be appreciated. Go to hell again and may the famine in your country continue to kill you all!!!

  • the one

    I have been reborn again. Go tell the people of the original nations. The union of the people as a whole has arrived. I have been approached by the great evil. They know I have been reborn. Time is scarce.

  • Kirubel Daniel

    Did JUSTICE Prevailed or is it still lurking in the back yard?????

  • missionario hosana

    warning awakening ,
    read the holy bible (66 books)
    matthew cap. 24

    i greet you with peace of god in the name of the lord jesus christby the holy spirit of god, amen. this message is for everyone,acts cap. 2.16-21: brief. the brazil will rocked by an earthquake fallswith buildings and monuments. a tsunami near the coast tobrazilian big wave of the sea. starting the north to south. thecity of macapá, the state of amapá be one of the affected with high impact, cap ezekiel. 33 to 34. the book of daniel
    cap.9 – 10. god speaks! read 2 thessalonians cap. 2; cap andrevelation. 13 and cap. 17. the word of god says that whenone man, ruler. doing is equal to the lord is the throne of the world, jesus christ comes. he comes the king is coming, amen.

  • Anna

    Dear Ethiopia. I googled on the Ethiopian government and this came up as an alternative. I want to write to you and give you my thoughts. I come from Sweden and I want to contact you because you are holding two innocent men captive. I am 15 years old and though I know that it isn’t much I want you to know that Iam against the choice not to let the two swedish journalist free.

    They are not terrorist, if you just open your eyes you’ll see that too. Their families are scared, frighted and sad, they do not know if their sons, husbands, father or friends will return home. Please think with your heart about this! All they want is to come back to Sweden, they do not intend to sabotages your country in any way. And don’t you see how silly and thoughtless it is of you not to letting them go? The Swedish people will have a lowered opinion about your country and they will think of you as cold hearted and tough. I beg you to think this over, please,please, I feel so sorry for this men who just want to go home. Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson is the name of the two. Please be humble and let them regain their life, not wasting it in prison for something they have not done. Put yourself in their position, how do you think they feel?

    You’re not evil, nor cruel, just misunderstood I think. Everybody’s worth a second chance, right? I beg you to think over it.

  • Raju

    Dear Govt.

    It is my humble request to you that what ever development steps you had take are good on infrastructure.

    But once look at the issue of village where whenever any truck , car passing it become full of dust & people who are living around that are getting slow poision due to this dust .

    My idea is on this why don’t we make the asspalt road with in the village where the main road is passing so this problem can be eliminate & people will be happy & will have dust free life.

  • bongiwe njobe

    am looking for more information on the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Trade

  • Ras Thomas & Associates of Ethiopian Patriots

    Ethiopia is developing very fast and no any previous goverment ever stepped as current.
    no dared to touch Nile water before Males Zanawi.
    Today Ethiopian’s growth economical is like that of far East Asia. Ethiopian militery is most strongest than ever before.
    So, anybody who is againist this good things is one who wants to return back the clock into dark days or he /she is looking a power or working to enemies of Ethiopia for payement of money for their pocket.

  • Federico

    I personally believe this amazing blog post , “About Ethiopian Government | Government Ethiopia”, exceptionally
    compelling not to mention it was a remarkable read. I appreciate

  • Abdi

    Shabaab absorbs southern Islamist group, splits Hizbul Islam
    By BILL ROGGIOFebruary 1, 2010

    A radical Islamist terror group operating in southern Somalia has severed its ties to Hizbul Islam, joined Shabaab, and pledged loyalty to al Qaeda.
    The Ras Kamboni Brigade released a statement last Friday announcing that it has merged with al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia and joined “the international jihad of al Qaeda.” The statement was signed by Sheikh Hassan Turki, the founder and leader of the Ras Kamboni Brigade, and Ahmed Abdi Godane, the spiritual leader of Shabaab.
    “We have agreed to join the international jihad of al Qaeda,” the two groups announced in the joint statement, a portion of which was published by Reuters. “We have also agreed to unite al Shabaab and Kamboni mujahideen to liberate the Eastern and Horn of Africa community who are under the feet of minority Christians.”
    “We have united to revive the military strength, economy and politics of our mujahideen to stop the war created by the colonizers, and to prevent the attacks of the Christians who invaded our country.”
    The Ras Kamboni Brigade was founded by Turki, a former senior leader in the Islamic Courts and its predecessor, al Itihaad al Islamiyah. The Ras Kamboni Brigade is estimated to have between 500 and 1,000 fighters in its ranks, US intelligence officials familiar with the security situation in Somalia told The Long War Journal.
    Turki operates terrorist training camps in southern Somalia and was likely the target of a US airstrike in March 2008. He is known to train suicide bombers in camps that are dotted along the southern border with Kenya.
    The Ras Kamboni Brigade’s defection from the Hizbul Islam alliance is a blow to the latter group. Hizbul Islam is a radical Islamist group which is led by Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, who is wanted by the US for his ties to al Qaeda. Aweys co-led the Islamic Courts in 2006 until the group was ousted from power during the Ethiopian invasion in December 2006. Last September, Aweys advocated for more suicide attacks in the country, just days after suicide bombers struck an African Union base in Mogadishu.
    Hizbul Islam was created in January 2009 with the merger of four separate Islamic groups: Aweys’ Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia-Eritrea; the Ras Kamboni Brigade; Jabhatul Islamiya (the Islamic Front); and Anole.
    Although Shabaab and Hizbul Islam sought to merge forces last summer, the alliance was frayed by local disputes between factions of the two organizations. Relations between Shabaab and Hizbul Islam worsened after the groups began to battle in Kismayo over control of the southern port city.
    Clashes between Shabaab and Hizbul Islam have persisted in southern Somalia, but Shabaab has had the upper hand. Despite the intra-Islamist fighting, the weak Transitional Federal Government, backed by thousands of African Union peacekeepers, controls only small enclaves within the capital of Mogadishu, and little else. A pro-government Sufi Islamist militia called Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’a controls some regions in central Somalia and often clashes with Shabaab and Hizbul Islam.

    The Ras Kamboni Brigade released a statement last Friday announcing that it has merged with al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia and joined “the international jihad of al Qaeda.” The statement was signed by Sheikh Hassan Turki, the founder and leader of the Ras Kamboni Brigade, and Ahmed Abdi Godane, the spiritual leader of Shabaab.Since, the dawn of the 21st century, in international politics, a conflict that pitted Islamism against hither to dominant Western entity has ensued. As the cold war ended, Islamist parties raised their profile in the Islamic world, yearning for the nostalgic past.
    A past that is ideologically, politically opposed to contemporary secular principles in the world. Somalia was one of the flashpoints of confrontation between Islamists message of defiance and western hegemony. In the horn of Africa, AItihad emerged during a period of anarchy after Somali state had collapsed, as the most prominent of all Islamists. The Al-Itihad’s narrative of Islamism and militancy captivated the youth and consciousness of Islamic Somalia.
    As they campaigned on a ticket of honest and justice, politics beyond tribalism and nepotism, their message have appealed to many Somalis thus becoming the most famous of all Islamist parties in the country. After the fall of twin Towers and subsequently the West had declared a war on terror.
    A strategy subsequently deemed to be a failure as wars abroad in Islamic world had negatively backfired and mobilised public opinion against the West. The war on terror perpetuated a narrative of Ummah (Islamic Nation) under attack from overzealous as well as aggressive America thus the message of victimhood and ummah under the crashing boot of America. The negative consequence of the war of terror was used as a rallying point to recruit cadres thus succeeding to recruit the masses to their Ideology.
    In the Somali context, Al-tihad AlI-islam was the most ardent of Islamist parties which peddled as well as propagated for Islamists ideas in Somalia. They even had an armed Islamist party militia that once held swathes of territories from borders of Kenya to Ethiopia and beyond into Ogaden dessert formerly Eastern Hararge, where they had waged an armed struggle for the liberation of Islamic Ogadenia.
    After Ethiopian invasion in Somalia, al-Shabaab took the torch of radicalism thus hoisting the burning ambers of the message of defiance and relegating AlItihad as the rank outsiders to the business of Islamism. This progress meant that Al-ITIHAD had to lose its prominence as the bastion of Islamism. The torch of radicalism has now been passed to Al-shabaab. Many Scholars of Al-Itihad felt to have been ostracised and sidelined and their teachings and sermons, fatwas rejected by the youthful and militant Shabaab cadres.
    From this perspective, once preeminent and revered scholars have lost their prestige among the populace. As Shabaab militias took hold of the country, many scholars either went exile in the neighbouring countries or went underground and kept silent as well as obscurity. It can be shown that at last, America under Obama administration have adopted a new strategy of engagement with Islamic scholars of the old school of Al-Itihad, an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood. In Somali community, Al-Itihad has been encouraged to counter the Al-shabaab’s militant and violent message. Prominent scholars who belong to Al-Itihad have been recruited to the fold, with the help of Saudi Arabia.
    As the most of them were on the pay list of Saudi Kingdom’s branch of Dawa project, it was easier for the Kingdom to recruit these Schollars for central intelligence agency and became paid agents of the. Among these scholars are Shiekh Muhammad Idris, Mohammed Ummal and Shiekh muhamuud Shibley, all are united in confronting the nascent ideas of conflict and confrontation heralded by Al-Shabaab.
    Numerous fatwas and sermons were issued by these Sheikhs which have condemned and criticised the political as well as religious viewpoints of Al-Shabaab. Furthermore, Shiekh Mohammed Ummal even went far as he famously in a Friday sermon declared that Shabaab of being heretics ( Khawaarij) who left the fold of Islam. From Islamic jurisprudence (FIGHI) calling a muslim heretic, it automatically withdraws from one the right to claim the faith as well as removes all the privileges, rights allocated to that individual. So, it is a very serious challenge to Shabaab’s integrity as a religious sect within the family of Sunni Islam.
    Moreover, the fatwas against Shabaab are the last weapon in the scholars’ armour to tame the Shabaab influence in the horn, as scholars have only their words and pen as a weapon to counter them. This can be seen as a case of the pen being mightier than the sword. The sermons and Fatwas have had a psychological as well as public relations effect on Somalis, as public listen to the scholarly sermons; they turned away from the message of Shabaab.
    However, the assassination of Shiekh Gacamay in Puntland can be the point of rallying call to arms for all Al-Itihad scholars that they are as much a target as Western interests in the Horn of Africa. From this development, a mutual interest had developed between the two old adversaries, as both parties have become a target of AL-Shabaab violence, it can be shown that their strategies have coincided and began collaborating each other against a common enemy. This is not born out of love for each other’s ideologies but mutual interest to maintain their place in society, American as the international power and Al-Itihad as scholars of Somalia.
    The assassination of Shiekh Gacamay was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, as Al-Itihad has become as much a target of Shabaab, there arose a need to protect their turf, as the scholars of the community and confront Shabaab schollarly. Before, this event, they were not courageous enough to issue a fatwa denouncing the faith of Shabaab. The overwhelming reason being that Shabaab, theologically belongs to same Sunni Islamic school as Itihad, it could have been perceived a case of cut your nose to spite your face. As both parties belong to same school of thought, the fatwas of Al-Itihad could have been self motivated, duplicitous and hypocritical.

    Read more:

  • Abdi

    ONF and Atihad Hizbu islam both they will agains ethopia in the future kenya military intersted money reason request all communties kenya Military go back kenya borlder if they go back somali they will work to gether somali military not Raskanboni or ONF ALTIhad HIzbu Islam not good that organazutions in kismayo they dont know nothing kenya becare please work somali Government only the people supporting somali Government respect after Kenya and ethopian Communties safe, and both bolder somali kenya and ethopia because all east africa Brother and sister, and respect every religions Have a great weekend.

  • Abdi

    so sorry broken English free contact to me any time work to somali Government only Troops leader not other groups be attentions

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